MD Logistic provides customs services, which means that we communicate professionally with the relevant authorities in this field, solving all issues related to cargo transportation. Regardless of the type of transportation chosen, our company will arrange all customs-related issues. The client can delegate to us not only the customs clearance of goods, but also other activities, such as making payments and obtaining permits. In addition to all of the above, we also deal with:

  • Document management within the EU
  • Registration of export declarations
  • Registration of transit guarantees
  • Registration of TIR carnets (CARNET TIR) and CRM bills
  • Additional services related to document management
  • Examination of documents on external economic activity

These aspects allow us to make it easier for our clients to proccess sales documents of transportation. The client is not always experienced or competent to be able to understand the specifics of the industry and the rapidly changing legislation in the country and EU.

the best solutions for you

We offer an individual approach, going into each case, and advise on the best possible freight transportation solutions.

Time and convenience

In order to save your time and get rid of unnecessary paper mountains, we offer the opportunity to conclude a long-term cooperation agreement.

Experience and opportunities

MD Logistic has large fleet and rich experience, we are able to provide advantageous cargo deliveries in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.

Unprecedented speed

If your shipment needs to be done quickly or is of great value, we will deliver it to any destination without delay and safely.

Full service

You will no longer have to worry about where and how to store the cargo, we will take care of it. We offer to provide full-service logistics services, including warehousing services.

Documents and customs

MD Logistic's qualified and knowledgeable transport specialists will ensure that all necessary documentation and customs formalities are completed in a timely manner.

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