Warehouse Logistics frequently is the most effective and convenient method of costs reduction on the collected goods delivery in the international traffic organisation.

This method is relevant during the consolidation of the consignments from different vendors to the ultimate consumer. Otherwise, when the cargos of the various customers are collected into one truck the temporary holding is required before the delivery.

MD logistic Company professionally provides:

  • The collection of the cargo from one or various vendors
  • The control and checking of the declared and factual cargo parameters (weight, dimensions, designation)
  • The packing condition checking
  • Responsible storage
  • Consolidation of cargoes according to the volume of the vehicle and the cargo parameters
  • Optimization of the loading in accordance with the flow of cargo, the nature of the shipment and its compatibility with other cargoes
  • Selection and integration of orders on customer’s request
  • The cargo safe loading/unloading

Our services are accomplished at a high level of professionalism and with the individual approach. Highly qualified personnel and modern technical equipment will provide high quality and handling of Your cargo and its safe storage. All above mentioned facts and services provide high dynamics in freight handling at all stages of the supply chain from reception of the goods at the warehouse and to its dispatch.