One of the main types of international transportations offered by our company is delivery of groupage cargo.

Groupage cargo – the type of cargo to be transported on the less-than-carload basis. Groupage cargoes are consolidated by single units and packaged quantities.

Groupage cargo transportations are transportations of small cargoes from various customers. The transportation is carried out to the same destination by means of one vehicle. Groupage cargo transportations allow minimizing costs of small cargo deliveries.
We can offer our clients the delivery of groupage cargoes from any place worldwide by means of any suitable mode of transport. Groupage cargoes will be further consolidated and packaged at one of our warehouses and afterwards forwarded to the specified addresses. Key element in the chain of the groupage cargo transportation is consolidation of small consignments from various forwarders at the warehouse. Our consolidated warehouse serves as a point of departure for regular transportation of groupage cargoes.
Time of cargo delivery varies depending on the time necessary for completing of each consignment, as well as on transportation route and other factors, which may influence the time of delivery. However, the branched network of consolidated warehouses in the European countries and in Russian Federation allows our company to solve cargo transportation tasks as promptly as possible. Owing to the said, transportation of the groupage cargoes does not require more time if compared with general cargo transportations.

Transportation of groupage cargoes allows using cargo space of the vehicle most efficiently, which, in turn, positively influences the overall cost of delivery. Moreover, delivery of goods as a part of groupage cargo is very convenient. In most cases the transportation of groupage cargoes is carried out on door-to-door cargo delivery basis. By virtue of these factors groupage cargo is the most popular type of goods transportation to/from Europe, Russian Federation and CIS countries at the present time.
The main advantages of groupage cargo transportations are their affordability and convenience. Substantial budget economy is achieved owing to effective utilization of cargo space. In that case even air transportations might become affordable, although air transportations are generally notable for their high price. Our company has an advantage offering door-to-door cargo delivery service, settling all technical and legal issues related to cargo delivery and processing of documents.

Logistic scheme of groupage cargo transportation:

  1. Transportation of single unit cargo from the client’s supplier warehouse to the consolidation warehouse for completing.
  2. Cargo processing at the consolidation warehouse, which might include weighting, separation and repackaging of the cargo, as well as use of additional packaging and containers.
  3. Customs processing and preparation of other documents necessary for transportation of cargo.
  4. Dispatch of groupage cargo to the country of destination by means of road transport.
  5. Customs clearance of the cargo in the country of destination, as well as processing of documents required for further sale of the goods or use of equipment in the country of destination.
  6. Delivery of single unit cargo to the specified address.

Our company has concluded agency agreements with the warehouses in the following countries:

  • Spain (Barcelona);
  • Italy (Trieste);
  • Netherlands (Venlo);
  • Germany (Hamburg);
  • Finland (Kotka, Hamina);
  • Lithuania (Kaunas);
  • Russia (Moscow, Pskov);

This allows consolidating cargoes throughout the territory of Europe and executing timely deliveries of cargoes, strictly observing the time schedule.